infused beef jerky

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infused beef jerky

Have you tried our infused beef jerky?
Another amazing product brought to you by Evolve. For all your CBD food needs. The infused beef jerky is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality.
14 grams of protein in every pack made with 108g of award-winning Lough High in magnesium, and just 27.5kcal. Formulated using Irish organic Lough Owel Organic Farm Angus beef, and Irish organic Hemp CBD /CBDa. Award winning hand smoked Oriel sea salt.Moreover, this makes the Perfect as a pre or post work out supplement, or for keeping the energy levels high throughout the day. This is a great tasting nutritious food


At Evolve hemp foods we conducted our research and decided to exploit a gap in the market for a beef jerky like no other. Not only do we source the best quality artisan Angus, but we have also introduced Irish organic borad-spectrum hemp CBD/CBDa. The grass-fed flavour profile of the protein required very little enhancing, however the earthy pungent flavinoids and terpenes of the hemp, not only add character but really elevates the experience. We also incorporated subtle flavours of cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce. This is the first approved Irish CBD jerky to hit the Irish market
Each bag
jerky has 108g award-winning Irish organic grass-fed beef
That’s taken and marinated gently
Infused with at least 30mg of CBD/CBDa
dried low and slow!!!
Each bag also contains 30mg of Irish organic Hemp CBD and CBDa. This is unlike any other jerky you will eat. At Evolve hemp foods, we stirve to work with the best farmers and producers to bring you the best posssible produce. Crafted this way to bring you an unforgettable taste and experience.
Oak Smoked
Evolve original oak-smoked mineral sea salt jerky is ready to eat, paleo-friendly, contains no additives, bulking agents, or preservatives.
Carefully selected cuts from an organic certified source and are fully traceable. We use 30mg of certified Irish organic CBD/CBDa.  Jerky’s designed to engage the endocannabinoid system as well as helping to maintain protein levels in the body.
Also, Evolve edibles are “free from” products.. clean eating 4 pure energy!!!
Ingredients : Irish organic Angus beef, Irish organic CBD/CBDa, Worcestershire sauce, Cider vinegar, smoked liquid, smoked sea salt and no added sugar
Evolve hemp foods is a family run business based in Mullingar Co Westmeath.
When you buy our products, you are supporting local business, and the Irish farming community.


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