Evolve sampler pack

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Evolve sampler pack –

Announcing and introducing the evolve sampler pack

7 unique infused food formulations; to nourish, restore, soothe and maintain your endocannabinoid system. This pack has something for everyone.  A self-care pack like no other .

Try evolve hemp food products for a month and evolve your -work – play – chill and lots more.

Feel the benefits of using our 100% bio-available irish organic certified cbd/cbda, within one month. evolve-yourself with evolves clean eating super functional food range which include

1 evolve infused honey

The Evolve hemp food project have proudly present our infused hemp honey. Ourhoney is sourced from our Beelicious team, based in the midlands, we carefully infuse the precious honey with 300mg of the broadest Full Spectrum CBD that is available on the market. It is 100% bio-available, rich in antioxidants and flavinoids and polyphenols and terpenes, and phytocannabinoids. Two teaspoons equals – 15mg – 18 servings per jar or 36 servings at 7.5mg per serving

1 evolve infused Irish organic beef jerky

Each bag also contains 30mg of Irish organic Hemp CBD and CBDa. This is unlike any other jerky you will eat. At Evolve hemp foods, we strive to work with the best farmers and producers to bring you an unforgettable eating experience. Evolve your play with our infused jerky. We are delighted to offer you this unique product as part of our sampler pack.

formulated using. certified Irish organic beef, Irish organic Hemp, P.D.O smoked mineral salt and 100% liquid smoke . Less than 30Kcals – 14g 0f protein – 30mg of CBD/CBDa

1 evolve infused granola

Wake & Evolve your morning with our fruit and nut infused granola

formulated with : oat flakes 80%, wheat germ, rapeseed oil, honey, coconut flour, almonds, pecans, goji berries, cranberries, flax seeds, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, vanilla, salt. Nuts in variable proportions 25%, seeds in variable proportions 25% and 125mg of Irish organic CBD/CBDa

Net weight 225g. serves 5 (45g per serving) 25mg per portion

2 Irish organic infused apple tonics

Each 125ml bottle is infused with 60mg of raw CBD/CBDA . Optimize & regulate your endocannabinnoid system . Evolve your recovery after a hard session at the gym with this refreshing apple tonic. Our apple juice is from Wilderwood organic farm. Evolve – yourself.Now you can try this refreshing tonic with our sampler pack. #evolve-yourself.

3 evolve protein bars

Evolve yourself with our evolve protein bars. The sample pack includes all 3 amazing flavours. This super functional food using the best ingredients. Evolve your work – play – rest – chill – and more.


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