FAQ section:
Q.Will evolve hemp edibles get me high?. FAQ

A. The most frequent asked question.Evolve edibles are formulated with CBD/CBDa containing o.2% or less THC Delta 9, this is the psychoactive component of the plant that gets you high, therefore it is extremely unlikely you will feel a psychoactive effect. Our lab testing results confirm our products conform with current legislation.

Q. Is there anytime of the day I shouldn’t eat evolve edibles  ? FAQ

A. You can enjoy evolve edibles any time of day, first thing in the morning, when your hungry, after a run, swim, cycle, or workout. Additionally, if your feeling fatigued, stressed, or anxious. Evolve bars will restore balance and replace lost energy. Its recommended you stay within RDA guidelines

Q. Can I eat a whole bar at once?

A. A whole bar will make you feel fuller for longer, as will a half or a quarter of a bar.If your professional life is physically demanding, then consuming a bar per day is not unreasonable.

Q. What makes the Evolve edibles healthy? FAQ

A. Evolve edibles are formulated with ingredients your body recognizes, eidbles, are a source of plant-based protein, contain Irish oranic CBD, additionally, they are a source of magnesium, and healthy source of fats, we don’t add sweeteners, preservatives, or bulking agents to our products.