who we are

Welcome to Evolve hemp foods, Ireland’s premier producer of hemp foods. Supplying private labels, wholesalers, independent health food stores and more with a range of artisan crafted products from sustainable IRISH organic grown hemp. Throughout it’s history Hemp has been used for many different applications and processes, regarded as an essential super food there are a mass of clinical studies demonstrating how the compounds of the plant engage with our bodies to produce outstanding benefits for wellness and health. Consumers are interested to try new products of the highest quality, that have an environmental story, and have originality. At Evolve hemp foods, we can guarantee that we can meet our customers expectations with our innovative and unique products which are meticulously  developed and created by our new product development specialist Richard Anthony. Evolve hemp foods are Ireland’s leading and trusted Irish hemp foods brand. Delivering Irish organic hemp based creations. Our food creations include Europe’s first hemp CBDa protein bar available in three fantastic flavours, Infused hemp CBDa Irish  honey and Irish organic CBDa hemp jerky. Our ingredients are sourced from reputable Irish farmers, and producers, creating a circular economy and keeping the finished product as close to nature a possible. At Evolve we are committed to creating products by hand which deliver on our promise to promote wellness and health nutrition. Evolve products are created with essential macro and phyto nutrients, terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids, there are no bulking agents, preservatives, or artificial ingredients added. For more information regarding our Irish hemp foods feel free to reach out. We want  to work with best Irish producers to help create a circular economy. Contact Richard Anthony if you are interested

CBD healthcare pack. CBD beef jerky. CBD protein bar. CBD infused honey.